Cruising Trends as according to Google

As a GoCruise specialist, there is doubt about the need to be knowledgeable in every destination and every cruise line. Each customer is unique and should be treated as an individual, ensuring that you cater to their desires and needs by finding the product that is ideal for them. With so many cruise lines to choose from, it can be quite a daunting prospect for new-to-cruise customers in particular.

There are, however, ways in which to establish which lines and destinations are the most popular within the world of cruising. By doing a little bit of research on Google search terms such as “cruise” and “Mediterranean”, it is possible to be one step ahead of the market. This week, Cruise Franchise takes a look at some of the data and statistics on Google search terms.

It goes without saying that cruising has remained consistently popular over the last few years. This could possibly be attributed to the vast number of new ships, exciting amenities, and even new cruise lines which have joined the industry between 2014 and 2016. We have seen the introduction of two brand new and distinctively innovative classes of ships from Royal Caribbean, which have wowed passengers. Additionally, UK cruisers were treated last year to the largest cruise ship to ever be built specifically for a British market with P&O Cruises’ Britannia.

Without question, the Mediterranean is the most popular international holiday destination for UK holidaymakers seeking sun, sea and sand. Many people visit the region on land-based holidays whilst others will dock in a variety of countries throughout the duration of a cruise. It is interesting to note, though, that upon researching the Mediterranean as a search term that the third most popular topic focuses entirely on cruising. Additionally, when it comes to querying the Mediterranean, it is clearly synonymous with cruising in general among UK consumers.

As is expected, a Google search of “cruise” will take most people to what they’re looking for. However, a good percentage of people who search this term may be dismayed by uncovering results based on the famous Hollywood actor Tom Cruise. Beyond that, there are some interesting results. P&O Cruises, Royal Caribbean International, and Disney Cruise Line are the most popular search results to appear on the first page. This is either a sign of how popular these cruise lines are among British consumers or an indication of the strength of their respective marketing presence.

The map above provides an indication of which areas of the UK the search term “cruise” is most popular, but it should be pointed out that the scale of 1 – 100 does not equate to a percentage of the population. It is merely an indication of popularity concentration compared to other areas. So it comes as no surprise that coastal cities and areas with a strong maritime history – such as Liverpool, Bournemouth, Portsmouth, and Southampton – indicate the strongest interest in cruising. Interestingly, Peterborough tops the list as the most popular region in the UK for searching for “cruise” despite being a considerable distance away from any coastline. Perhaps the whole population of the Midlands spends the entire year longing to holiday by the coast?

Whilst these statistics provide some insight into the UK cruising trends; the popularity of cruising remains stronger than ever. There are new ships being introduced all the time with modern amenities and glistening features, in addition to exciting new ports and destinations around the world being added to itineraries.

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