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Cruising is certainly one of the most relaxing types of holiday. From the moment you step aboard the ship, you can start to unpack and unwind. If you are boarding from your local port, this process is even easier, with no need to fly and only a short transfer required. All meals are prepared freshly on board, all entertainment carefully mapped out and all destinations are easily accessible, thanks to the ship’s ability – in many cases – to take you directly to the heart of each town or city. There are also excursions, which enable an expert guide to take you further afield to some of the most renowned landmarks in the area.

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This relaxing atmosphere is something that we could all easily get used to and is one of the many reasons why people continue to book cruise holidays time and time again. And that may not be a bad thing, with a new study indicating that cruising could actually be good for your overall health – with the benefits even lasting up to six months after your sailing.

Researchers at the University of China found that a cruise can improve emotional, relational and thinking wellbeing. This is down to a number of unique factors that only a cruise can bring including travel, entertainment, luxury and the ability to meet new people. The evidence ultimately suggests that a cruise is much more stimulating than a one-destination land-based holiday.

The unique tourism study took place at the University of China and saw researchers conduct a psychological questionnaire on 317 tourists as they returned home from their cruise. The researchers also conducted the questionnaire with an additional 295 people who had been on a cruise holiday six months earlier. The participants covered a broad range of ages and had been to a variety of destinations including the Caribbean and Far East Asia.

Relational experience refers to social interactions with those you travel with and meet throughout the cruise, while emotional experience refers to the notion of being able to relax and do nothing – both are beneficial short term. Longer term benefits come from the experience of travelling to new and exciting destinations and the impact they have on each individual passenger.

Studies have already proven that travelling offers a mental health benefit and can expand the mind, but this new evidence suggests that it also offers a tremendous sense of wellbeing. These findings have been published in the International Journal of Tourism Research and go one step further to proving that a cruise offers the best value for money when it comes to your holiday.

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