ITV’s ‘The Cruise’ returns for third series this month

The last couple of years have seen the launch of a number of cruise-related TV documentary series. ITV has broadcast two series of ‘The Cruise’, which focuses on the onboard experience and lifestyle aboard a range of Princess Cruises ships. Meanwhile, Jane McDonald – who originally rose to fame during a 1998 BBC cruising documentary series – has returned to the seas to help Channel 5 create two well-received series of ‘Cruising with Jane McDonald’.

Both TV documentary programmes have proven immensely popular, with viewers receiving an unparalleled insight into the lifestyles of the crew and the day-to-day operation of a range of cruise ships. From the luxurious vessels of Princess Cruises to the dazzling MSC Meraviglia, the shows have opened up the industry to holidaymakers that may not have previously considered a cruise holiday.

Royal Princess

Furthermore, both ITV and Channel 5 have confirmed that their respective documentary programmes will be returning for new series in 2018. Details of the upcoming third series of ‘Cruising with Jane McDonald’, its launch date and which ships will feature in the series have yet to be revealed, but ITV’s third series of ‘The Cruise’ looks set to launch on Thursday next week.

Airing at 8:30 on the 11th January 2018, the new six-part series will follow Royal Princess in the Mediterranean, as the ship sails between Greece and Spain. Royal Princess carries a total of 3,560 passengers and is one of the more recent additions to the Princess Cruises fleet, having launched in 2013. Each passenger on board the ship is catered for by a crew of 1,346 and the series will undoubtedly focus on how the crew go about their day-to-day duties and how they overcome any difficulties. More than 1,800 cabins need to be serviced on a daily basis, while a whopping 20,000 meals have to be served out of the various kitchens.

Greece, Athens

While this six-part series looks set to offer viewers a brand new insight into the day-to-day operation aboard a cruise ship, it is one of three series set to broadcast this year. The other two series which, although no official date has been announced, are set to broadcast later this year and will offer an insight aboard the same ship as she sails within Alaska and the Caribbean respectively. Each region will receive three 30-minute episodes focussing on the ship’s operation within the area.

January marks the beginning of a new and exciting year in the cruise industry, with a number of lines launching new ships and new destinations appearing on itineraries. If you love to travel and are seeking a new business opportunity, you may be interested to learn more about owning a franchise business with GoCruise. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will offer all the necessary training, advice and assistance to ensure your business is a success.

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