New images of Virgin Voyages’ first ship released

Much hype has surrounded Richard Branson’s newest venture, which will see the British business tycoon throw his hat into the cruising arena. Plans are in place for a series of new and exciting ships that will redefine the industry, offering a uniquely sophisticated and chic cruising experience for passengers who may be looking for something truly unique.

The first of three new ships being built for the cruise line - which will be known as Virgin Voyages - is set to depart on her first sailing in 2020 out of Miami. She will embark on a series of Caribbean sailings, offering capacity for 2,700 guests and a crew of 1,150. There are currently no details of the ship’s name or who will become her godmother, but new renderings were released last week of some of her interior areas.

A total of $2.5 billion is being spent on the first three ships, with the second and third vessels following the design of the first. It will cater specifically towards an adult market, with a strict 18+ policy in place on board.

Her features will include a two-tier nightclub, futuristic rooftop long equipped with swing chairs and comfortable outdoor seating, and an athletic club lounge equipped with what is being dubbed as the largest daybed at sea. There will also be a number of quirky features including a laboratory-themed restaurant complete with beakers and test tubes. In addition to this, two other dining venues have been confirmed including a Mexican-themed restaurant and Pink Agave.

Virgin Voyages has also taken into consideration the operation and environmental impact of the ships, converting low-grade energy into clean electricity. This is a highly important consideration with regards to the future of cruising, with more and more lines looking into environmental conservation for their new builds.

As expected, the bold red and white colours that are synonymous with the Virgin brand will be emblazoned throughout the ship, without being imposing or trying to advertise. A strong emphasis, led by Richard Branson himself, is being placed upon the term ‘voyage’, with the businessman previously describing the word ‘cruise’ as “pretty dull and boring”.

Unveiling the new imagery at an event in New York, Virgin Voyages CEO, Tom McAlpin, stated: “the ship just got real”. The company has gone to great lengths to ensure everyone involved in the design process had never embarked on a cruise before. Branson added “when it came to designing our first ship we really wanted to challenge the way a holiday at sea looked and felt. It carries on a long-held tradition we have at Virgin of going into new industries with a fresh pair of eyes. Since day one we’ve done things differently.”

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