Why consider setting up a Travel Business now?

With the roadmap out of the pandemic looking more and more positive, countries are opening their boarders and the news ‘Double Vaccinated’ have no need to isolate on return, we can’t think of a better time to start your business.

In the travel industry you get paid when the client travels, with many cruise lines operating Seacations around the UK, our franchisees are now receiving an income. Not only do we have clients on cruise ships but we also have plenty of staycations taking place within the UK which is busier than ever before.

There is plenty of opportunity to get out in your local community, to offer a great service and build your client database. It’s time to start making customers dreams become true and give them a holiday/cruise to look forward to.

We currently have many clients departing throughout the rest of 2021 and 2022 well it’s very popular. Those customers that have not travelled for over a year now are choosing to take more than one holiday next year, which is very exciting when it comes to your earnings.

At GoCruise & Travel you have access to over 300 different tour operators offer 1000’s of incredible offers for you to share with your clients, whether that be through face to face, social media or email eshots.

Currently our franchisees are busier than ever with the demand of clients wanting to get away and the buzz is clearly back! They are currently making bookings travelling in a matter of days to departures for Summer 2023.

The travel boom is clearly on its way and we can’t think of a better time for you to come on board and set up your own travel business. You have time to undergo our training and be ready and confident to move your business forward. We can’t think of a better time!

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