World’s longest cruise to depart out of London in 2019

Since launching in 2015, Viking Ocean Cruises has grown in a similar way to the line’s river cruise fleet. These impressive vessels offer a unique Scandinavian appeal which reflects the heritage of the line, while also ensuring a sophisticated onboard atmosphere and level of comfort. Furthermore, each ship offers a personalised level of service, thanks to a maximum capacity across the fleet of fewer than 1,000 passengers. This unique approach to cruising has brought unprecedented success, with plans to now launch as many as 11 additional new vessels over the next ten years.

Viking Ocean Cruises

Each itinerary offers an insightful experience, enabling passengers to travel to exotic landmarks and insightful ports of call that leave a real lasting impact. Now, Viking Ocean Cruises is planning on embarking on an impressive itinerary that could see passengers spend a total of 245 days at sea. Departing in August 2019 out of London Greenwich, which is only accessible to smaller and mid-sized ships, this mesmerising sailing will travel aboard the longest cruise itinerary ever put together.

Over the course of eight months, the lucky 930 passengers on board Viking Sun will be transported to a total of 113 ports across 59 countries – travelling to every continent with the exception of Antarctica.

After departing out of London Greenwich, passengers will complete a circumnavigation of the British Isles before heading to the beautiful scenery of the Norwegian fjords and Iceland. This is followed by calls into ports throughout Greenland before reaching the Arctic wonderland of Canada.

Travelling down the east coast of United States, there will be opportunities to enjoy overnight calls in Boston and New York before heading to the islands of the Caribbean. An overnight call in Bermuda is followed by calls into Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, St. Kitts, St. Martin and the British Virgin Islands. Continuing southward, passengers explore Brazil and its many natural and urban highlights. An overnight call in Manaus opens up the Amazon rainforest, while an overnight call in Rio de Janeiro offers opportunities to see Christ the Redeemer, Sugarloaf Mountain and much more.

Calls into Buenos Aires and the Uruguayan capital of Montevideo are followed by a visit to the Falkland Islands and a chance to enjoy scenic cruising around Cape Horn. Continuing in a northern direction, passengers will enjoy overnight calls into the Chilean capital of Santiago before heading to the Peruvian capital of Lima and enjoying calls into ports across Guatemala, Costa Rica and California.

After crossing the Pacific, there will be opportunities to relax in the islands of Polynesia before heading towards New Zealand and Australia – with comprehensive tours of each. This is followed by a journey through the Far East and Southern Asia, taking passengers to Indonesia, Brunei, Malaysia and the Philippines before docking in Hong Kong for two nights. Heading in a western direction, passengers will then call into Asian highlights including Ho Chi Minh City, Bangkok, Koh Samui and Kuala Lumpur.

India is one of the most spectacular destinations on earth and, after an overnight call into the Sri Lankan capital of Colombo, passengers will be able to explore destinations including Cochin, Goa and Mumbai. After a call into the Omani city of Muscat, passengers will cruise the Red Sea before being able to explore Petra via Aqaba, as well as the historical landmarks of Egypt via the ports of Luxor and Alexandria.

This amazing cruise comes to a conclusion with a sailing through some of the highlights of the Mediterranean, including calls into Valletta, Tunis, Cagliari, Algiers, Murcia, Granada and Porto before arriving back into the port of London Greenwich.

This incredible sailing outlines the unique opportunities a cruise holiday can offer. Travelling in luxury and comfort on board a contemporary cruise vessel to some of the world’s most beautiful and, in some cases, inaccessible destinations, is an experience that many people dream of. As a franchisee with GoCruise, you can promote the cruise product and share your passion for travel while also earning competitive rates of commission on every booking you secure.

Furthermore, we will provide extensive training and support to ensure you enjoy every success. For more information, contact us via the number above or complete an Online Enquiry Form.

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