Welcome to our Franchise Head Office Support Family

A few words from our Franchise General Manager Colin Martin-Weekes

Thank you for showing interest in joining our GoCruise & Travel Franchise Family. It’s my pleasure to lead a supportive and successful Franchise Network, that allows everyone to enjoy what they do, whilst earning a living and lifestyle that suits you.

Plus, making new friends, building your customer network and experiencing all the amazing things the holiday and cruise industry has to offer. It is an honour to be a part of your business journey, and I look forward to speaking to you very soon!

What we are all about

Our Business

GoCruise & Travel is a franchise that is focused on providing a framework for passionate individual business owners to sell cruises and holidays. We are part of the Fred. Olsen Travel family that have been selling cruises and holidays for over 35 years.

Our Mission

To create a warm and inviting community of remote workers and aspiring travel entrepreneurs interested in building their own franchise, or travel shop including a licensee model.

Our Vision

Is to have positive and like-minded franchisee members who put their customers at the heart of everything they do. Who are focused on building a successful business with our guidance and business leadership as the franchisor. With success that comes to those who work for it.

Our franchisee model is designed to appeal to individuals who dream of running their own business in the travel industry, providing them with the support, processes, and protection under the GoCruise & Travel umbrella. This empowers the franchisee to build a customer database and effectively sell cruise and holiday products, all while benefiting from the strong backing of Fred. Olsen Travel.

Welcome to our Franchise Head Office Support Family

Our Franchise is built on people, and having a network of support and expertise for you to connect with is extremely important, when you are starting your own business with us. We pride ourselves on giving you the support and guidance to be confident to connect with your customers, sell them the cruise/holiday they are wanting, and then look after their booking with you from start to finish. How we help, is that we have a dedicated team based in our Ipswich Office, to support your business.

Our Franchise Teams include:

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